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Montville Township First Aid Squad

Despite the influx of the Coronavirus, the many volunteers of the Montville Township Volunteer First Aid Squad are continuing to answer 911 calls and provide emergency ambulance coverage for the entire town. To accomplish this, the First Aid Squad volunteers have had to adapt and improvise to the changing situation and our scarce resources. They are asking for your help in the form of equipment donations and monetary donations so that they can continue to provide our emergency medical services for free as they are not tax funded.

The Montville Township First Aid Squad is a volunteer, non-tax funded, not for profit, free ambulance. Their patients will never see a bill, but their ability to respond to 911 calls is aided by your tax deductible donations.

How to help:


The Montville Township First Aid Squad is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from residents to function and does not receive money from hospitals and does not bill patients. Any monetary donation is appreciated. Donation information is available at www.montvillefas.org .


Due to a national shortage, the MTFAS has had extreme difficulty obtaining gloves, gowns, masks, disinfectant wipes, and N-95 respirators, and any donations are appreciated. While the First Aid Squad currently has supplies, they are using them up quickly and do not have any anticipated means of replenishment. Donations will be accepted at our station, 137 Changebridge Road in Montville. Please put donated equipment in the red cooler next to the front door and NOT in the red clothing donation binsthat are next to the ambulance bays.


If you are interested in joining the Squad, the MTFAS is always looking for volunteers. They provide all training and are looking for drivers, future EMTs, assistant dispatchers, and other support. Please visit this website for more information on recruiting and donations.